Four Week Upholstery Course

€127 Access for 24 months

  • 1


    • How to use

    • Furniture Reviver Recipe

    • Upholstery Resources

  • 2

    Mid Century Chair with hand printed fabric

    • PDF Week One Guide

    • Stripping the seat Pad

    • Making the Stamp

    • Printing the Fabric

    • Upholstering the Seat pad

    • Stripping back to wood

    • Oiling the Chair Frame

    • Painting the back Panel

    • Finishing the chair

    • Supplies List

  • 3

    Foot stool with Lid Project

    • PDF Week Two Guide

    • Stripping Back the footstool

    • Mapping Farbic

    • Cutting Foam

    • Making Pipping

    • Covering the Lid (adding pipping)

    • Adding Buttons and Pipping

    • Adding the Lid (hinges and chain stop)

    • Covering the Foot Stool

    • Lining with felt

    • Ladder Stitch

    • Finishing Techniques

    • Adding Legs

    • List of Supplies

  • 4

    Re-Webbing and treating for Woodworm Project

    • PDF Week Three Guide

    • Stripping Seat pad and webbing

    • Woodworm Treatment

    • Different types of Fillings

    • Webbing Technique

    • Adding New Stuffing

    • Upcycling Fabric with Print

    • Setting Fabric and Covering

    • Preparation and Priming

    • Painting the chair

    • Adding Gold Leaf

    • List Of supplies

  • 5

    Modern Style Patchwork Upholstery Project

    • Stripping Back

    • Making and applying Furniture Reviver

    • Diagonal Patchwork and covering seat pad

    • Back panel sewing

    • Back Panel Upholstered

  • 6

    Victorian Ladies Tub Chair

    • Project Overview


You will be taking through 4 different chair projects. Traditional upholstery techniques will be applied but focusing on a more modern design approach process whihc will be broken down into steps that are easy to follow . Suitable for beginners to someone who wants to widen their upholstery abilities.

  • Welcome Section with extra resources and suppliers for everything Upholstery

  • Week One: Stripping back varnish and oiling. Creating your own hand printing fabric. Light upholstery.

  • Week Two: Stripping back old fabric, replacing foam, adding buttons, lining inside and adding new furniture legs

  • Week Three: Prepping and painting a chair, common repairs, re-wedding seat pads, upcycling fabric and upholstery

  • Week Four: Stripping, and reviving wood work. Making pipping, upholstery finishing techniques.

  • PDF guide for every week to accompany the project.

Learning a new skill that will last a life time

Looking to learn a new skill or developing the ones you have, this course allows you to get creative while learning traditional upholstery techniques

Meet your Teacher

Joanne Condon

Joanne has been running her up-cycling business for over 10 years. She is a qualified art teacher and studied in Crawford College of Art and Design, her main subject were painting and textiles. She has taught over 1,000 people at her workshops and is delighted to offer this course online. Seeing a need to learn in a fun and exciting way taking the traditional techniques of upholstery and giving them a modern twist she designed this course for people who want to be more creative but learn a life long skill.
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