Course curriculum

Online Mini Painting course on how to paint your kitchen chairs. Broken down into 3 main units

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What you will learn

  • What are the best paints?

    With all the different paint brands out there it can get really confusing on what is the best paint to use. I go through tired and tested brands and which ones I stay clear of (it might surprise you)

  • Preparation is Key

    How to prepare a piece for painting. The most important step on any project. What are the right methods to use and how to avoid the common pitfalls that can ruin your whole project. This section takes you through the exact steps for the perfect prep

  • Painting

    Painting for durability. Kitchen chairs get the most wear and tear than probably any other piece of furniture in the house. They need to be wipeable and be able to withstand everyday life!

  • White Washing

    Step by Step video tutorials on how to white wash the seat base of the chair. This finish can be used on table tops for kitchen tables and more

  • Supplies List

    A downloadable list, that you can print off. With a list of the best paints, brushes and products

  • PDF Booklet

Painting your kitchen chairs can lift your whole space